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David L. Lawrence Convention Center

2020 East Coast Championships


We understand the concern surrounding the current Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and we are doing our best to monitor its status daily.  At this time, the East Coast Championships event will proceed as scheduled unless the city, state, or other national organization mandates otherwise.  If that should occur, we will send out an email notification to attendees and update our website immediately regarding any changes and next steps.

We understand that everyone must do what they feel is best regarding their health and safety.  Any team that elects not to attend the tournament should have their club director notify us immediately via email at julierife@ecvb.org.  At this time, we are going to push back the cancellation date to May 1, 2020 for teams that want to voluntarily withdraw from the event.  For Canadian teams, we will refund your entry fee at any time if the event is held, and the border is not open.  All hotel room cancellations are handled at the discretion of the individual hotel so please contact your hotel directly for information regarding their cancellation policy.

In the meantime, we are moving forward as planned and will continue working diligently with the City of Pittsburgh, Visit Pittsburgh, and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center to implement all advised health and safety prevention practices. To read statements from the individual parties, please visit www.eccvolleyball.com.

Pittsburgh update on the Novel Coronavirus >> Read


Once again, we invite you to spend Memorial Day weekend with us at the 2020 East Coast Championships in beautiful Pittsburgh PA!  Join us for our 37th year!  May 23 to 25, 2020.

Team registration and hotel reservations are now open.

Team Registration  //  Hotel Reservations


 The ECC is held in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center - all the courts under one air-conditioned roof!We have a great event.  But why should you and your team attend?  Here are some reasons why our event is the best.

  • Affordable Season Ending Event!  ECC remains an affordable, fun, and competitive event.  Team registration fee is just $795, NO INCREASE for 2 years!!
  • One Site For All Play!  No traveling from site to site each day, or worry about where you might be playing.  If you have children on multiple teams, you always know where you will be.
  • New Teams to Play! - Tired of playing the same teams from your region all year?  With teams from Canada, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, Delaware, and more participating in the past, you will find plenty of new opponents.
  • Spacious courts for uninterrupted play!  You don't have to worry about playing courts on top of each other. Safety isn't a concern with extra playable area around each court.
  • Safe and Convenient location!  Pittsburgh is easily accessible from all points on the East Coast.
  • More Medals for Players!  All first and second place teams in all age groups and divisions will receive awards.  All first place teams will also get a trophy courtesy of Baden.
  • Spectator Seating at All Courts!  No need to bring your own chair, or compete with others just to see your daughters play.
  • Air Conditioned Facilities!  Remember how hot it was last Memorial Day?  Our players didn't care, because it was cool and comfortable inside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center..



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