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Registration & Format - Event Registration

Event Registration

Select vs Beast of the East

East Coast Championships offers two levels of play for the 14 to 17 and under age divisions.

Beast of the East is the strongest level, and the number of teams is limited to ensure for the highest level of competition.

Select is lower level of competition for the event.

Team registration is now open for 2020.  Register Now>>

The 2020 Entry Fee for each team is $799

East Coast Championships is a USAV sanctioned event.  All teams and players must be a member of USAV or their NGB (Canadian teams).

Entry fees are NOT transferable to another team, even from the same club.

Entry Deadline:

March 28, 2020. After this date teams will be accepted on a space available basis only at the discretion of the tournament director.

Entry Process:

Each of the followings must be completed by the application deadline. Read further for an explanation of each requirement.

  • Entry Application through AES
  • Complete Roster entered in AES
  • Receipt of Payment

All three requirements must be completed for a team to be accepted into the event. The Date of Entry shall be the date when all requirements have been met.

Entry Application:

For the 2020 East Coast Championships, all entry applications must be submitted online at Advanced Event Systems 


Payment may be made through AES, or a check may be sent to the ECVB office. One check per club may be submitted.

Team Acceptance:

Teams will be accepted into the event after they have met the 3 requirements listed above. You will need to log into Advanced Event Systems to view your teams' current status.

Acceptance for all divisions is first-come, first serve determined by the Date of Entry, which is the time we receive your check/online payment until available space is filled or March 28, 2020, whichever comes first. After this date teams may be accepted at the discretion of the tournament director. 
If a division is filled to capacity by the time a team completes the entry process, the ECC may offer teams denied entry into a division the opportunity to move into another division, if space is available. 

Under no circumstance is a team that is denied entry into any division guaranteed a berth in any other division.

Entry Withdrawal:

All Withdrawals must be made in writing and submitted to Julie Rife, Tournament director.

Refund Policy:

Teams not accepted into the ECC -- Full Refund 

Drop out before March 28, 2020 -- Full Refund 
minus $150
Drop out after March 28, 2020 -- No Refund

All entry fees are nontransferable which means if you drop a team and insert another, the entry fee for the first team cannot be used for the second team.

Division Change Requests (Beast of the East vs. Select): 

You may request to change the division in which a team is entered only if space is available in the other division. ALL changes must be submitted in writing via email. We reserve the right to deny changes for the good of the tournament format.

Results Entry:

All teams are required to submit their results information in Advanced Event Systems.

Failure to submit complete and accurate results will have an impact on a team's seeding into the event.