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Spectator & Visitor Information - Spectator Ticketing

Spectator Ticketing



Risk of injury and death from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event. Attend at your own risk. Please pay close attention to your surroundings and be on alert at all times, especially during active play.


The playing venue premises are not monitored to ensure the security of personal property of participants or attendees at this event. You are responsible for the security of your own belongings, and the event organizers shall have no liability for the theft or damage thereto.

The ECC is switching to a new ticketing system for 2021.  That along with the necessary changes will make for a very different experience.

Due to capacity restrictions, team's will be limited to a maximum of 3 spectators  (updated 5/17) per per participant. No exceptions


All spectators above the age of one, must have a PAID admission ticket! 

These numbers are in addition to the athletes and 3 staff members included on your roster for each team. 

Spectator Ticketing Coupon Codes:

Unlike before, parents & spectators will not be able to purchase a ticket online without a team coupon code.  Each team will receive 3 ticket codes - one for each day of the event.  Tickets will be sold as only single day tickets.  This will allow more flexability, as different individuals can putchase tickets for specific days.

The ticket purchase coupon codes for each team will be sent to the club director's email address that is provided in AES on Tuesday May 25 at 10 am EST


With this in mind, it will be imperative that your club chooses what process you will use to distribute the coupon codes to your spectators, as well as WHO will attend from each team, well in advance of ticketing opening prior to each weekend. 

  • We, the tournament staff, will not distribute any coupon codes to parents who contact us directly, or request us to do so. This is the responsibility of the club.
Director's Responsibility:
  • Directors will be the ones who distribute the coupon code to the parents before ticketing opens.
  • Communicate this to your parents & staff immediately to ensure they understand these limitations in order to allow equal attendance for all.  

 Important Information:

  • Once the coupon code reaches max capacity of use, it will no longer be eligible to use for ticket purchases.
  • Tickets are for specific days.  A Saturday ticket may only be used on Saturday, and is not transferrable to another day.
  • To make sure that all parents/spectators have an opportunity to purchase a ticket, only one individual may purchase per transaction. 

Our Recommendations:

  1. Plan ahead to help alleviate anyone being left out or an uneven distribution.
  2. Collect the names of who would like to attend.
  3. Create & Share your list of approved attendees to each team .
  4. Distribute The Code with complete instructions on how to make a purchase to your spectators (see below).
Ticket Options & Pricing:
  • We will only be offering daily passes for the ECC 2021.
  • Tickets are purchased for an individual person, and may not be transferred to another individual
  • Spectator admission will be $10 per day for 2021.  Each ticket can only be used for one day.
  • There will be NO onsite sales. NO EXCEPTIONS.
How To Purchase Tickets:
Once director's distribute coupon codes to their spectator lists (per team!), spectators will go to:
  1. ECC  - Purchase Tickets
  2. Enter coupon codes, hit apply!
  3. Follow the prompts
Ticket will be emailed and/or texted in the form of a QR Code to the individual who purchased the ticket.
Please forward your parents to our Spectator's Admissions page for more information on our entry procedures.


In order to reduce person-to-person contact, we will NOT have onsite ticketing purchasing available.

Spectators can only purchase tickets online at the link above using the coupon code that the director supplies them with. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times.